Safe4Sports Prevention Program



January 14, 2020


Our Safe4Sport Prevention Program

The Safe4Sports Prevention Program main sources of intervention are: Physical Preparation, Protective Equipment, On-Ice Situational Awareness and Sportsmanship & Ethics with the coach as the focal point of the program’s success.

A coach has tremendous influence on players, parents, and the team’s various sport supporters. A well-prepared and trained coach can affect a large number of individuals in a hockey community and can become a “Champion” of a safer sport culture. The Safe4Sport Prevention Program provides resources and guidance to the stakeholders of sport, players, coaches, administrator, parents and officials. The prevention of serious injury in hockey is the programs ultimate goal. Shoot for a Cure believes that our Safe4Sport Prevention Program is able to build sport leaders as “catalysts of change” and “Champions” of a “better and safer game”.

Our Safe4Sports program was developed and created by our Director of Athlete & Player Safety, Malcolm Sutherland HBPHE, MSc. Kin. and endorsed by our co-founder, Kerry Goulet. As an athlete and player safety expert Malcolm has developed prevention tools and a program to control serious injury in sport. As a Chartered Professional Ice Hockey Coach (Coaches of Canada), Master Coach, Coach Developer (NCCP) and member of Hockey Canada’s Writer’s group, Malcolm has studied and critically evaluated sport structures and coach and player development models and their outcomes. In the sport of ice hockey he has coached for more than 20 years at every age category and level of play including Varsity and Professional.

Increased awareness and prevention instruction is a must, and through the information, resources, and services provided through our site, our goal is that the individuals that visit our page leave more knowledgeable, and as ultimately safer individuals in their respective sports.

With StopConcussion affiliates located in the USA, as well as Germany we are working on bringing concussion and neurotrauma awareness to a global level. Safe4Sports has conducted both dry and on ice seminars around the world including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada – ask us how to be part of the Safe4Sports team!

Everyone deserves to play safe!


Today kids play several sports that overlap seasons so it is so important we have a plan for dealing with concussions. Parents need support from the entire organization from each sport to deal with concussions. With heightened awareness we now have to all be on the same page. No longer is it left up to the player and the parent to fend for themselves. We now need coaches, trainers and family doctors working with them and add a concussion expert to make sure all aspects from detection, diagnosis to management of this invisible injury is in place. Baseline testing and tools in the toolbox are needed to make sure we do all we can to reduce the incidences of concussions.

„change the mindset not the game“

Kerry Goulet
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